Boyfriends of Single Mothers Are the Largest Contributing Factor in Child Abuse and Murder Cases in America

draftRicardo Hernandez mug shot (PHOTO: BCSO)   (Photo: BCSO, BCSO)

We just had a 4 year old boy brutally murdered 08/22/2016 here in San Antonio by a live in boyfriend. Ricardo Hernandez who told San Antonio police he killed his girlfriend’s son out of frustration over not being able to find a job and having bills pile up.
This murder calls attention to the biggest threat in our country involving child abuse, molestation and murder, in the fact that most cases involving these crimes comes from a live in boyfriends to women with children.
According to statistics, a child living in a household with a live in boyfriend who is biologically unrelated to the child is 100% more likely to be a victim of abuse than from a family with a biological father.
Child abuse and murder cases involving a live in boyfriend has reached epic levels in the United States.
This is a problem everyone knows exists, yet nothing is done about it. The key to solving this crisis lies in prevention above all else.
There needs to be a state system of checking the background of every live in boyfriend of women who have children, and a system of monitoring these families for extended periods, checking for signs of abuse.
Each male live in should be required to go through a background check, similar to that required by many employers, be required to be employed at all times, submit to anger management classes, undergo a drug test, and be fully assessed mentally. This can be done by Child Protective Services along with the help of other individual state agencies.
In the case where the live in male is found undesirable in any way, the mother must refuse the relationship, or be willing to turn her children over to relatives, or the state.
Such a program specifically designed for live in boyfriends of mothers seems Draconian on the surface since it literally means such men have to open themselves up to their prospective states to be approved for their relationship involving a woman who has children. However, in light of the fact that thousands of children are abused and murdered each year from male live ins, it is a step which we all must accept since doing nothing raises the stakes with each passing moment.
Local police departments, state police, and elected officials from the city level up need to be educated in realizing that child abuse and murder by live in males is the absolute most important issue involved with all cases of child abuse altogether. We must accept the responsibility as Americans in seeing that this problem is brought to the forefront and demand viable solutions to the atrocity which has been overlooked for far too long.